Winter Knitting

Classic Mittens

I’ve been knitting up a storm this winter, enough to make up for the decided lack thereof here in Vermont.  It might not be a snowy wonderland, but the wood stove still blazes and I’ve logged plenty of hours behind the needles.  Here’s a quick woolly tour.

Some purple alpaca mittens, shown above, to match the hat I made last winter.  I started out with leftover yarn from the hat project, didn’t quite have enough so I ordered some more, and now still have about the same amount of leftover purple yarn.  I guess that’s how it goes.  Maybe next winter I’ll knit a matching scarf (and order even more of the same yarn.)  It is gorgeous, soft and warm Knit Picks Andean Treasure in Indigo Heather. And I used PurlBee’s classic mitten pattern (ish- I modified the cuff to a simple rib, rather than the folded rib.)

Then I knitted this furry, fuzzy, mohair cowl.  I really had a desire to dig into my existing yarn stash this winter, and I had scored a beautiful skein of this yarn as part of my summer donation of old sewing supplies, patterns, fabric, quilted bits and yarn.

boucle mohair cowlboucle mohair cowl

It’s a Vermont-made boucle from Yellow Dog Farm and having never knitted anything with this type of yarn, I was eager to try it out. (Ignoring that I had no need for another cowl, and I was in the middle of knitting a sweater dress.) It was a fun break from the dress, and though this yarn was a little tricky to knit with, the texture hides every sort of error and it was a quick, mindless, knit-and-watch-TV kind of project. I shipped it off to a special friend.

Purl Sweatshirt Sweater DressAnd I finished this big warm sweater dress!  Followed the same PurlBee Sweatshirt Sweater pattern that I used for my very first sweater.  I wanted to use up a bunch of worsted weight yarn from my stash, hence the color blocks.   I’m tempted to call this my Cherry Garcia sweater- it looks like a pint of ice cream.

Purl Sweatshirt Sweater Dress

What the heck- I’ll throw in this lavender cardigan.  I actually finished this in the fall, and it took me ALL SUMMER to knit.  Knitting a sweater out of DK weight yarn is a horse of a different color, a very slow moving horse. This one is also seamed (sides, sleeves, shoulders) and I was unprepared for the time required for seaming.  It felt like I spent an entire day sewing the seams, which was kind of a buzzkill after having spent about one million hours knitting the thing.  But she’s pretty, isn’t she?  And those are vintage buttons I found at the antique fair.  No run of the mill buttons for something that took this long to make! I used the Kim Hargreaves’ Agnes pattern from her book Vintage Designs to Knit. The book has some really lovely patterns, though I wish there were more knit in the round rather than seamed options. I extended the sleeves to full length because who in Vermont needs a three quarter sleeve sweater?  No one, that’s who.

Kim Hargreaves Agnes Sweater

Kim Hargreaves Agnes Sweater

Happy knitting to you and yours!


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