Quick Knitted Felted Slippers

Knitted Felted Slippers

Living in an old house and a cold clime like Vermont, I like to keep a well-stocked slipper bin for guests.  Supply was running a little low and I wanted to test out some felted slippers, so I whipped up a super fast pair of lovely little knitted and felted wool slippers.  They took just a few short hours to knit (Mindie Designs’ Duffers pattern is only 19 rows long and cost a mere one GBP, that’s $1.71 to us Yanks) and I fancied them up with some simple needle felting.  These were made knitting two strands simultaneously of Lion Brand Fisherman’s wool. Happily, they are a bit too small for me, which means I will have to save them for my guests.

Here they are pre-felting.

Knitted Slippers for Felting

Knitted Felted Slippers

Knitted Felted Slippers

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