Malachite and freshwater pearl earrings

For years, I’ve been wiring up beaded jewelry using semi-precious stones, crystals, pearls, shells, you name it.  As most of my friends can attest, they make for nice, home made, heart made, one of a kind gifts.  They also allow me to indulge my personal love of jewelry without breaking the bank.  I have a huge tackle box of jewelry supplies and pull it out of hiding periodically to wile away a crafty afternoon.  In addition to a healthy supply of beads, wire, findings and tools, I’ve also dumped some has-been jewelry items that could use recycling and re-appropriation.  The last time I hunted through the box, I found a pair of small malachite earrings I made in a bead store sometime south of 1994.  They were too small and simple for my adult tastes, but the polished round vibrant green malachite stones had a lot of potential.  Next to some creamy ivory pearls and shiny gold hardware, they morphed into a bauble worthy of a night on the town.  I do love green and gold…  You can check out some more sparkly goods on my Etsy shop.

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