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Fondue Fantasies

Undoubtedly, this blog has begun and will continue to paint me as a die hard cheese lover (I have not one but three large books all dedicated to that magical foodstuff).  As a kid I was a devotee of the … Continue reading

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Malachite and freshwater pearl earrings

For years, I’ve been wiring up beaded jewelry using semi-precious stones, crystals, pearls, shells, you name it.  As most of my friends can attest, they make for nice, home made, heart made, one of a kind gifts.  They also allow … Continue reading

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Heat Wave Gazpacho

Well it’s summer in New York City, which means time for sweltering temperatures and unused ovens.  In honor of our most recent heat wave, I threw together a huge batch of fresh and cold tomato gazpacho.  I pulled out a … Continue reading

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