Twin Baby Quilts

Twins Baby Quilts

Some very special friends are about to have twin babies.  Twins!  I wanted to make each one a unique quilt, with their own colors and patterns, but keep them related, so I guess you could call these fraternal twin baby quilts.  For each I used a very traditional quilt square in modern and brightly colored fabrics, placed on an expanse of neutral white background.

A magical unicorn for baby girl, this square is called Thistle Bloom.

Thistle Bloom Baby Quilt

Thistle Bloom Baby Quilt

A mythical whale for baby boy (a Stepping Stones square).

Stepping Stones Baby Quilt

Stepping Stones Baby Quilt

Both have a neutral gray and white flannel backing and curved corners.

Thistle Bloom Baby Quilt

And I received a rare treat of getting to see my quilts in situ, ready and waiting for babies to arrive!

Twins Baby Quilt

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Winter Knitting

Classic Mittens

I’ve been knitting up a storm this winter, enough to make up for the decided lack thereof here in Vermont.  It might not be a snowy wonderland, but the wood stove still blazes and I’ve logged plenty of hours behind the needles.  Here’s a quick woolly tour.

Some purple alpaca mittens, shown above, to match the hat I made last winter.  I started out with leftover yarn from the hat project, didn’t quite have enough so I ordered some more, and now still have about the same amount of leftover purple yarn.  I guess that’s how it goes.  Maybe next winter I’ll knit a matching scarf (and order even more of the same yarn.)  It is gorgeous, soft and warm Knit Picks Andean Treasure in Indigo Heather. And I used PurlBee’s classic mitten pattern (ish- I modified the cuff to a simple rib, rather than the folded rib.)

Then I knitted this furry, fuzzy, mohair cowl.  I really had a desire to dig into my existing yarn stash this winter, and I had scored a beautiful skein of this yarn as part of my summer donation of old sewing supplies, patterns, fabric, quilted bits and yarn.

boucle mohair cowlboucle mohair cowl

It’s a Vermont-made boucle from Yellow Dog Farm and having never knitted anything with this type of yarn, I was eager to try it out. (Ignoring that I had no need for another cowl, and I was in the middle of knitting a sweater dress.) It was a fun break from the dress, and though this yarn was a little tricky to knit with, the texture hides every sort of error and it was a quick, mindless, knit-and-watch-TV kind of project. I shipped it off to a special friend.

Purl Sweatshirt Sweater DressAnd I finished this big warm sweater dress!  Followed the same PurlBee Sweatshirt Sweater pattern that I used for my very first sweater.  I wanted to use up a bunch of worsted weight yarn from my stash, hence the color blocks.   I’m tempted to call this my Cherry Garcia sweater- it looks like a pint of ice cream.

Purl Sweatshirt Sweater Dress

What the heck- I’ll throw in this lavender cardigan.  I actually finished this in the fall, and it took me ALL SUMMER to knit.  Knitting a sweater out of DK weight yarn is a horse of a different color, a very slow moving horse. This one is also seamed (sides, sleeves, shoulders) and I was unprepared for the time required for seaming.  It felt like I spent an entire day sewing the seams, which was kind of a buzzkill after having spent about one million hours knitting the thing.  But she’s pretty, isn’t she?  And those are vintage buttons I found at the antique fair.  No run of the mill buttons for something that took this long to make! I used the Kim Hargreaves’ Agnes pattern from her book Vintage Designs to Knit. The book has some really lovely patterns, though I wish there were more knit in the round rather than seamed options. I extended the sleeves to full length because who in Vermont needs a three quarter sleeve sweater?  No one, that’s who.

Kim Hargreaves Agnes Sweater

Kim Hargreaves Agnes Sweater

Happy knitting to you and yours!


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Moda Love (to Bake) Quilt

Moda Love to Bake Quilt Julia Rothman

When I first spied Julia Rothman’s Bake fabric line for Windham Fabrics, there was no question that I would be purchasing said fabric and quickly quilting something with it, both for my most devoted baker friend and for myself. Those cakes and cupcakes and adorable vintage ovens and mixers and rolling pins!

Julia Rothman Bake Moda Love Quilt

I followed Moda’s Love Quilt Pattern, adding a few solids and gray crosshatch fabric from my stash.  This is the charm size, so about 32″ x 32″. I had fun walking-foot quilting this one around the contours of the pattern, a technique I am usually too impatient to employ.

Julia Rothman Bake Moda Love Quilt

I also sewed in some corner dowel-gripping triangles for easy hanging which worked really well.  Baker friend has her quilt, now I just need to get around to sandwiching and quilting my own. With nine friend babies on the way this year, I suspect that might take a while.

Quilt Hanger

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