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Cleopatras Fan Quilt

Last year I attended a local quilt show and one of  my favorite quilts on display used this Cleopatra’s Fan pattern.  It was bold and Art Deco-y, and frighteningly curved and difficult looking.  I decided I couldn’t begin to think about sewing curved pieces. That was just crazy. A couple months later a special friend moved into a classy Manhattan apartment, and needed an equally classy housewarming gift. I looked and looked at patterns and kept coming back to that tricky looking fan. Everything else looked perfectly rustic by comparison. Plus, there was a free Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt pattern online. And did I mention this was a very special friend? One who deserved a real showstopper? I decided to suck it up and learn a new skill. I read some tutorials about curved piecing, ordered some acrylic sheets for cutting out the templates and got started.  This was definitely the trickiest and most time consuming quilt I’ve ever made.  Cutting was tricky, piecing was tricky. Then, when is came to quilting it, I used minky for the first time (a soft and fluffy backing fabric) and my poor little basic Brother revolted. Needless to say- it was tricky! But I love how it turned out. I do believe my friend likes it too. Added bonus – battling this quilt inspired me to finally bite the bullet and buy a new sewing machine. (For those who care, it’s a Juki HZL F600, and it is everything.)

Cleopatras fan quilt

I made only nine Cleopatra’s Fan squares, and they took for-effing-ever.  I question the sanity of anyone whole makes all fifty-four full blocks plus 12 half blocks (and honor their madness.) The backing is Kona bone, and all the squares were cut from scraps- some Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler and coordinating solids.

Here is a tiny regal kitten hidden in the border. My friend is allergic to the real thing, poor girl.

Cleopatras fan quilt catCleopatras fan quilt minky

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