Miss Kitty the Spectacular Softie

Miss Kitty SoftieIn truth, I am a mediocre craft blogger, meaning my posts are too few and far between, but I can happily admit to being a truly dedicated consumer of other bloggers’ creativity. So almost as a soon as Sew Mama Sew posted its Spectacular Softie Contest, I ate the bait and started brainstorming a totally-new-to-me sewing project. I have a vague recollection of working on some sort of polyester and faux fur stuffed animal in a long forgotten middle school Home Economics class, but henceforth, my sewing creations have all stuck to the simplest and flattest first two dimensions of space.  Sewing a doll, aka a softie, sounded like the perfect challenge to distract me from our ever lengthening winter of 2015.

Deciding on a theme for my doll would be easy, it was definitely going to be a cat.  I love cats. I have two cats (one more closely resembles some sort of hybrid dog-otter creature, but feline nonetheless).  I’m not really an outside-the-box thinker, so cats it would be. I pulled out a piece of junk mail and started tracing a pattern for ProtoCat#1.  Unused to thinking in three dimensions, or in drawing patterns for that matter, I figured this would really be a task of trial and error, and I should approach it like sewing a muslin. The resulting ProtoRatDevil#1, sewn from scrap bin cast offs, proved that theory quite accurately. He looks ready to cast some evil voodoo spell, or just rock out to some heavy metal.

Cat Softie Prototype

Back at the cutting table I mercilessly stripped kitty’s pattern torso of all five appendages (legs and tail mind you), reshaped and relocated the evil-looking horns to actual cat ears, and softened the snout from its rodent-like proboscis. New pattern pieces translated to fabric, fabric succeeded in sewing up into actual Miss Kitty herself, or rather stuffing up into her- lots and lots of stuffing.

New and improved pattern pieces for the final Softie:

Cat Softie Pattern Pieces

Miss Kitty's head full of pins

Some button eyes, embroidered snout, upholstery thread whiskers, and a simple little smock of scrap fabric completed the look.  I think she is adorable!  Though I will alter my techniques a bit for future models.  First off, I am concerned about her little limbs surviving the onslaught of actual human children, so I will sew my next model using the triple stitch (thanks for this lesson from Sew Mama Sew’s Ten Tips for Stuffing & Finishing Softies).  I might also sew on some felt paw pads prior to assembling the arms and legs, or just some cute kitty shoes, because accessories are fun.

Miss Kitty Softie

Miss Kitty Softie

Miss Kitty Softie

Miss Kitty fits right in with the cool kids.

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts for a Friday finish!

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