Quilted KitchenAid Koozie

KitchenAid UncoveredMonths ago I started this project, intent on rescuing my cherished KitchenAid mixer from counter dust while it sits around looking regal (which is, I’m sad to say, most of the time).  I got so far as to pick a tutorial, cut out some fabric, and then forget about it in my sewing mess for six months.  Lo and behold, when I recently re-vamped my sewing and craft space, I rediscovered this half-baked project.  My basic model Brother sewing machine isn’t quite up to the task of free motion quilting, so expanding my walking foot abilities is a current priority.  Of course, I don’t really want to use a quilt I’ve spent a hundred hours piecing together as my guinea pig.  So this little project came along right on time.

The koozie is constructed of three quilted panels, and I chose a different quilting style for each.  All three techniques were new to me.  They aren’t perfect, but they are just fine for sir mixer-a-lot here.

Some Wavy Stripes:

Quilted KitchenAid Koozie

Random Waves:

Quilted KitchenAid Koozie

And finally, the Spiral:

Quilted KitchenAid Koozie

All the fabrics, binding and pieced-together batting were leftovers from other projects, so this one was a freebie.

Note to potential sewers: my KitchenAid Professional 610 is bigger than the mixer used in the original tutorial, so I increased the pattern pieces by about 2.5″ (for width and height). It fits like a glove.  Or maybe more like a mitten.  Anyhow, it fits!

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