Two Tops

Boxy Tee and Simplicity 1693

I stitched two simple shirts recently- Simplicity 1693 and the Boxy Tee from Purl Bee. Both were quick half day or less projects and gave me some good french seaming practice.  They are the first garments I’ve made that successfully show a completely polished interior as well as exterior.  Woot!

Simplicity 1693 was a breeze, though I chose a lightweight knit fabric which was a first for me to work with.  A little trickier than the usual cottons, but it hides the stitches delightfully (and thus my errors.)  Bonus- this sleeveless hi-lo top boasted just two pattern pieces to cut!  (Not including the homemade bias tape…)

Simplicity 1693 Top

Purl’s Boxy Tee was a perfect use for that one yard piece of Heather Bailey’s Lottie Da Vintage Rose fabric I purchased a few months ago, because it was just so cute.  The directions were clear and easy to follow and I love the simple, modern boxy cut.

 Purl Boxy Tee

I have plenty of other patterns in the hopper, so stay tuned for more fashion experiments this summer.

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