Arrow Tail Chevron Quilt Finish

Arrowtail Chevron Quilt

It’s done!  When I finally mustered the bravery to machine quilt her, this queen-sized beast was every bit as curse-inducing as I expected she would be.  But it’s done!  And I love it!  It’s a little wild and crazy and a little bright and noisy, but I love each and every fabric, and every color, and it gives our traditional bedroom a jolt of bohemian pizzazz.  The cats have already lovingly christened it with some fur.  Of course, now I need to make some matching pillow shams…

This queen-sized quilt was made using the Arrow Tail tutorial at Sing All You Want.  The fabrics are primarily Amy Butler Cameo prints, with some complementary fabrics thrown in from my existing stash.  The backing is an inexpensive cotton polka dot from the local fabric store, with two center strips of leftover quilt-top fabric pieced in to achieve the necessary width.   Friedrich approves.

Arrowtail Chevron Quilt

Arrowtail Chevron Quilt

Arrowtail Chevron Quilt

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4 Responses to Arrow Tail Chevron Quilt Finish

  1. Laurel says:

    Oh, I’m so happy I discovered this and your blog!! This is beautiful! I’m just blown away that you made a queen size version. I’m happy the tutorial worked out for you – it is so lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Janie Kemp says:

    Your quilt is just beautiful. The colors are so perfect. It’s such a big quilt! Congratulations!

  3. Valarie says:

    This quilt is beautiful! Isn’t the pattern amazing? I am thinking about/getting ready to tackle a queen size version myself…probably totally insane since I have never quilted before….but am so in love with it I have to try. Do you have any pointers and/or number references of how much of each fabric you purchased and used?

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks, Valarie. I purchased one yard each of eleven different fabrics, and used almost all of them, plus about another yard of scraps from my stash. The finished quilt is 11 arrowtail stripes wide by 16 “arrow tails” high. It is big enough for my queen bed, but would’t hurt if it was 12 wide. I actually went and doubled the amount of vertical line quilting on it earlier this summer to give it a little more texture. One pointer, put on some music you love and get ready to cut, cut, cut. This took a lot of time, but I love it and love sleeping under it every night. Good luck with your project!

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