Passport Jacket Lisette 2209

Passport JacketGarment sewing experiment of the week: I wanted to test out a pattern using french terry, a soft knit, lighter than a sweatshirt, heavier than a tee shirt. I used my Simplicity Lisette 2209 jacket pattern to great success.  The collar sewing was a tad bulky, and ripping stitches out of this soft, stretchy fabric is a beast, but it worked nonetheless, and now I have a comfortable, lounge-able, but still quite cute, light-weight jacket.  I altered the pattern slightly to achieve full-length sleeves, since I find three-quarter sleeves a bit of a waste of time up here in the north.  If it’s cold enough to wear a jacket, it’s cold enough to cover your forearms.  I also finally landed on an accurate garment size!  All I needed to do was ignore the pattern instructions on body measurements, and only pay attention to the finished garment specs.  Simplicity assumes I want 4+ inches of “ease”, i.e. clothes that fit like a flour sack.  What a pleasure to sew something that fits the first time around!  It’s still a bit chilly here in Vermont, but I am looking forward to Passport Jacket time of year.

Also, here’s a sneak peek at my current work in progress- a nautical dress for an upcoming weekend on Cape Cod.  Too bad I ran out of interfacing and the skirt will have to wait.  Thar she blows!

Ahoy Matey dress top

Ahoy Matey collar detail

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