Vintage Rose Dress Simplicity Lisette 2209

It’s mid March and still snowy and cold here in Vermont.  It seems like the best way to stay sane is to sew and craft.  The past year has seen several quilts and home decor projects stitched under my sewing foot, I figured it was time to broaden my horizons and attempt a garment.  I am not the kind of person who excels at following directions.  I like to read the first few lines of an instruction sheet, then my eyes glaze over and incoherently scan the rest of it, then I pretty much just wing it. (Not the case in the kitchen, but that’s just because I’ve learned my lesson the hard way.)  I have distant memories of agonizing over a simple skirt pattern in high school, so I was prepared for some cursing and stitch ripping during this experiment.

All in all, the project went pretty smoothly.  I picked a simple pattern- Simplicity’s Lisette 2209 (no need to reinvent the wheel the first time out) and a current favorite fabric, Julianna Horner Terrace Main in Orange, and forced myself to read all the instructions before I took out the scissors.   Everything went pretty smoothly, only a couple instances of stitch ripping and right-side/left-side head scratching ensued.  Of course, then I went to try on my new dress before I added the zipper, and lo and behold I made it about three sizes too big. I guess the measuring and figuring step is where I’ll need some practice.  (I could also really use some zipper skills.) I was able to pin and tuck and modify a few seams and get the dress to fit me just fine, and I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

Appraising the finished product in this morning’s cold, snowy light, I thought it needed something…  so I dipped into my jar o’ lace collars (that’s right, I have a jar filled with lace collars) and picked out a few options to test.

This particularly lovely bit of vintage lace finishes it off.  Now we just need some sunny spring weather so I can wear it.

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