Quilts in Progress

Amy Butler Quilt

I have been laid low by the sewing bug this winter.  Maybe it’s the cold, snowy weather, or the fact that the last three years of hobby sewing has finally translated into more or less knowing what I’m doing and not jamming up my sewing machine, spurring the consequent emotional meltdowns, which leaves me with the (mostly) perfect enjoyment of cutting and stitching bits of fabric together.  It might also be the fact that my friends keep having babies.  In any case, I have two fun quilts in progress right now.  A quick and cute baby boy’s quilt and a laborious, brightly-hued queen-size quilt.

Isaac’s quilt is extra special as it’s my first collaboration. I got to check out the color scheme and nursery fabrics before launching this project.  They include pale blue and grey and a bit of navy and dark red. I LOVE pale blue and dark red. Almost as much as I love whales, and this nursery has whales!  I grew up near the colonial whaling town of Mystic, Connecticut, and man, did we learn a lot about whales.  It’s a bit gruesome considering our early American forbears slaughtered them to the brink of extinction, but still- whales are the best!  I found some cute fabrics locally, including a happy whale print and picked a vaguely nautical looking triangle pattern- it reminds me of ship’s pennants. This top is ready quilt up this weekend.

Happy whales

Pennant Triangle Quilt Top

Having completed a handful of smaller quilts over the past year, I was itching to try something grander.  (And something I could enjoy on my own bed.)  I discovered the Amy Butler Cameo fabrics on the internet and they made my heart sing.  The jewel-like colors!  The modern take on art nouveau patterns!  The thistles!  I just love thistle patterns.  So spiky and natural yet traditional and British-y.  I poked around the internet ’til I assembled ample yardage and launched into the project.

Arrow Tail Quilt Cut

Days of cutting later, then a few days of layout, then several days of sewing and pressing and sewing and more pressing, I completed the quilt top.  I haven’t yet screwed up the courage to start quilting it, but this will be a warm weather quilt for our bed, so I have time.  I found a great tutorial online for this chevron-esque “arrow tail” quilt pattern.  My queen required 196 cut blocks.

Arrow Tail Quilt Strips

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