The Quick Vintage-Inspired Apron

I pieced and stitched this cute vintage-inspired apron the other morning.  The clearance-rack skull print has been sitting in my fabric coffer for 3+ years and a two hour project translated to instant gratification.

vintage style apron

I went pattern-less for this sewing project, so first I took stock of my existing aprons to check for size, length, and general bodice shape.  I knew I wanted a vintage-y gathered skirt, so it would be a two-piece construction (skirt separate from bodice.)

For the skirt, I just cut a 20″ strip off the bottom of my fabric (about 42″ wide), hemmed the bottom and sides and gathered the top.

 bodice patternI traced a quick bodice pattern onto newsprint using an existing apron as guide, modifying it for a sweetheart neckline.  I added some darts for shaping, and grosgrain ribbon for waist and neck straps.  I have two layers of ribbon sandwiching the raw bodice and skirt edges for strength and tidiness, what is an apron if not sturdy and neat? apron bodice detail

fInished apron back

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