Babies Need Quilts, Too

Hourglass Baby Quilt and PillowThis year I dipped a pinky toe into the vast world of quilting.  I feared it might be one of those hobbies that gobbles up women of a certain age and spits them out into a run down strip mall fabric store where they begin their not-so-arduous transformation into frazzle-haired, fabric scrap hoarders. But, man, it’s really fun.  So many adorable fabrics to pick from.  Such precise attention to be paid to measuring and cutting and  stitching and ironing and more stitching and then some more stitching.  I am discovering that quilting might be that old timey craft that appeals to the really, really attention-to-detail focused creative people like, well, me.

Please pull me out if I ever disappear into a yawning pile of fabric scraps.  In the meantime, check out these absolutely adorably delightful baby quilts I made!  Whee!  Baby quilts, are super fun because: A) the fabrics are cheek-squeezably cute and whimsical and face it, when you were a little kid, you never got to pick out fabrics, so now is your chance.  B) they are small!  As in 45″x60″ or 45″x45″ or whatever little baby-size you want.  This means the project is manageable time-wise and not too awful to wrestle around your run of the mill home sewing machine.  (Though I have spent some time ogling these crazy quilting stands.  What?!)  C) your loved ones will send you pictures of little baby Zuzu lolling about on your handiwork and it will cause an even stronger squee-flex to see someone enjoying this thing you put so much time and affection into piecing together.

Baby quilt number one was a funky little chevron pattern of white and pastel orange, pink, yellow, green and blue.  I didn’t know what color the nursery theme would focus on, so I just used all of ’em.  I followed the Missouri Quilt Co’s handy video tutorial, and it came together well.  Major lesson I learned was: always align your points/seams where you want them and don’t worry too much about a few puckers.  Your quilt will shrink up and poof up and hide most little imperfections.  It’s much more important to have well-aligned blocks!

Pastel Chevron Baby Quilt

Baby quilt number two was for the big baby in me, my little scrappy lap quilt.

Patchwork Baby Quilt

Baby quilt number three just went out to two of my favorite people on the planet who are having a little girl in the fall.  Peggy-Jeanne will have what I am sure will be the cutest circus nursery ever in the history of Big Top-themed interior design.  I went kinda nuts ordering fabric, so I ended up sewing a crowd of little gifts.  I love the hourglass quilt pattern and again turned to Missouri Quilt Co and followed their super simple instructions.  I intended to place the blocks randomly, but I only used six different fabrics, so after what felt like hours of quilt block switcheroo, I ended up settling on a symmetrical layout pattern.  (Lesson learned from this quilt: I’m not really a “random” person.  Sarah likes symmetry.)  The backing is a soft and cuddly flannel of white stars on pink, which happens to match some of mommy-to-be’s pre-baby tattoos.

Hourglass Baby Quilt

I stitched together a matching quilted pillow sham from leftover squares, a little zippered pouch for baby sundries, and FoundInTheFridge‘s cute fabric bucket to hold PJ’s circus toys some day.

Hourglass Quilt Pillow and Pouch

Hourglass Quilt Circus Lion CloseupHourglass Quilt Circus CloseupFlannel Baby Quilt Back

Bucket of baby quilt gifts

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