The year of the sewing machine

2012 shall be remembered by me as the year of the sewing machine.  (It shall not be remembered as the year of prolific blog posts, but hey, that’s what 2013 is for.)  I think I’ve logged enough hours on the foot pedal to finally be getting the hang of this sewing thing.  Pillows of course, but also pot holders (piles of them), coasters, clothing alterations, purses, skirts, and most recently a lovely little nightstand slipcover.  I’ll do my best to flesh out a couple tutorials in the near future, but for now, here’s a little sneak peak at my most recent accomplishments.

Here’s a before shot of my horribly naked-looking, much too short, none too exciting, old nightstand.

One long afternoon of cutting and pressing and pinning and sewing later, here she is looking delightfully clothed.  (Freebie fabric, leftover from my grandparents’ couch recover, probably mid 1960’s vintage.)  I can’t wait to find some pretty little piece of art to hang over her.

More found fabric projects: I scored a pile of vintage wool kilts from my mother a few months ago.  After a few tedious hours of stitch ripping, I had Scottish plaid to re-purpose.

Pot holders!  Mini-oven mitts!  I followed a great tutorial for these hot pads here.  Insul-bright is my new best friend.  I am just so sad I went out and bought a couple potholders last spring.

And one more shot, just for scale.  Shown with 5.5qt Le Creuset dutch oven.


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