Intro to Needle Felting

I was introduced to the fun and slightly violent craft of needle felting while sitting around a craft fair last November.  My friend Julie is an expert knitter/crafter and had made all sorts of fabulous felted wool creations, like beer koozies (sorry- beverage jackets), warm-as-all-heck mittens, purses, etc.  She was gussying up some koozies with adorable felted wool polka dots and gave me a quick lesson.  Who knew there was a craft that involves repeatedly stabbing a needle into fabric until you have miraculously merged the two fibers into one, all while working out your pent up aggression.  I was sold! 

All you need is some fiber- I bartered for some gorgeous hand dyed local wool rovings from Descansamos Fibers in Wells, VT, a felting needle, a sponge (to protect your hand from your other hand’s violent jabbing), and something you want to decorate.

Place the sponge under the surface you’re working on, tear off a little bit of colored wool, and start stabbing your needle through it.

Stab, stab stab, think about that angry client that called earlier, stab, stab, stab, voila! A lovely little pink heart in the palm of your wool mitten!  Or initials on your beer koozie!  I’ve just dipped my toe into the world of needle felting and have a lot of practice ahead to perfect my technique.  I have a sneaking suspicion that little woolly embellishments might start showing up all over the house.  Now if only I were a better knitter!


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