Velvet Ribbon Roses

On a recent trek to our local dollar store I was excited to find beautiful spools of fuchsia and red velvet ribbon.  For a dollar each I just about bought out the supply.  I figured they’d really class up my gift wrap, and I could probably think of some fun craft for them.  I decided to try my hand at sewing ribbon flower brooches.  My sewing skills, as you may know, are pretty amateur, but this seemed like it might be within my grasp. 

I trolled the internet for some instructions and settled on  a thick carnation/cabbage rose looking flower.  Here’s how I made these beauties:

1. Cut your ribbon to length.  For the large flowers I used about 1.5 yards.  For the small roses, I used about 30″ lengths.

2. Sew a running stitch along one edge of your ribbon following its entire length.  This was pretty tedious and involved some stab wounds, so I switched to sewing the ribbon into a ruffle on my sewing machine for my smaller flowers.

3. Start coiling your ruffled ribbon around itself, velvet side towards the interior of the flower.  I stitched straight through the bundle in a star pattern until it was too thick to penetrate, then I stitched the outer ring to the inner rings at regular intervals as I coiled.  All your stitches will be covered by a felt back, so don’t worry too much how they look.

4.  Cut out a felt circle slightly larger in diameter than the base of your rose.  Cut a strip of felt the length of your felt circle (this will hold your brooch pin or barrette in place).

5. Sew the felt layers onto the back of your flower using a whip stitch (or whatever stitch you prefer.)  You can use this felt slot to attach a barrette, pin, or to slide the rosette over a headband.


For the bead-centered brooch, I sewed two single, ruffled ribbon rounds from each of my ribbon colors.  I sewed the narrower fuchsia round on top of the red round.  I knotted a short length of ribbon and pushed the knot into the center of the two circles, stitching it to the back of the rosette.  I used fine gauge wire to make a few bead tipped “stamen” and twisted them around the ribbon center.  Then I hot glued beads onto the knot to hide it and the wire.  I attached a felt back just like in steps 4 & 5 above.

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