Panda Pillow

With living space enough to finally rescue my sewing machine from storage, I’ve been tackling some quick and easy sewing projects.  I still have much to learn, but pillows, simple slipcovers and clothing repairs are starting to show me the ropes.  For a friend’s recent birthday, I decided I’d combine my new enthusiasm for fabric with one of her great loves- panda bears.

This panda pillow was fast and easy to put together and pretty adorable.  Here’s what you’ll need:

White fabric

Black fabric like felt of fleece, something that will resist fraying when cut

Black and white thread

Straight pins

Scrap paper

Fabric scissors

Pillow stuffing

1. Trace and cut two matching rounds of white fabric.  They should be about an inch larger than you want your finished pillow.  (I used an old lampshade- whatever works, right?)

2.  Cut out a couple kidney-shaped templates from paper.  Trim them until you have a panda eye patch proportion that makes you happy and cut out a small round hole in each one for the eye.  Cut out a rounded-edge triangle for the nose and a half round for the ear template.

3.  Once you’re happy with your test paper patterns, use them to cut out your black fabric.  I used some soft micro fleece.  Two eye kidneys, one triangle nose, and four half round black ears.

4.  Pin your eye patches and nose onto one of the white fabric rounds.  At this point in the project, your cat might want to come help you.  My cat is so helpful during sewing crafts.

5.  Using black thread, sew the eye patches and nose onto your white round.  I did a simple straight stitch about 1/4″ from the perimeter of each piece.  Next sew your two ears together along the rounded edge, flip them inside out and stuff with some batting.  Sew the flat bottoms closed.  You’ll have two little puffy ears.

6.  Set your machine to the zigzag stitch and make a straight line down from your upside down triangle nose.  I made the line about as long as the nose is high.

7.  Now place your two white rounds together with the finished side facing in.  Put your ears where you want them, round parts facing in, straight side running along the edge of the white fabric.  (See image below.)  Pin your circle together and your ears in place.

8.  With white thread, sew around the perimeter of your pillow using a straight stitch, leaving about a 4″ opening at the bottom.

9.  Turn your pillow right-side out and start stuffing.  Of course, a panda pillow should be pretty fat and roly poly.

10.  Using your sewing machine or a needle and thread stitch the  stuffing hole closed.

Voila you have a cute little panda pillow to cuddle!


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