Many moons and miles…

Craftbite fans, I’ve been egregiously lax in my crafting and fooding posts, and I hope you will forgive my silence.  My tiny Brooklyn kitchen has morphed into a huge Vermont one, and I’ve spent the past two months packing up life in NY and transporting it all to a little village on the banks of two lovely, babbling brooks.  Needless to so, my creative adventures have been relegated somewhat to clever box labeling and thorough cleaning.  That being said, our recent home purchase, apartment clean up, and move to the north has opened up quite a few fountains of creative genius.  I unfortunately just haven’t had any time to share them with you! 

So if you will forgive me, I’ll start you off with one of our first baby renovation projects.  As you might imagine, buying a home, giving up one’s full time job, and moving one’s life across a couple state lines doesn’t come cheap.  So Jon and I have been economizing in any corner we can.   His parents also recently purchased a house, this one doomed for the wrecking ball, so we walked through and grabbed whatever we could rip off the walls, err, use effectively in our new abode.  I was thrilled to find a gaudy, brightly polished and lacquered brass chandelier, à la 1970’s CT colonial decor.  It was pretty heinous (I do work for a lighting manufacturer, and I like to think I have sophisticated taste when it comes to illumination), but I thought it might look just quirky and traditional enough for our old house with a coat of fire-engine red gloss.  Jon thoroughly cleaned the chandelier, lightly sanded the surface, and emptied a can of Rustoleum on it (wearing a respirator, of course).  1800’s front parlor meet 1970’s reproduction meet 2010 color.

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